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About Maria Fink

Maria is a multidimensional healer that helps people unlock blockages on four levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is a Blue Ray Feline Sirian Starseed who uses her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others.

She studied various healing techniques, among which Theta Healing, Past Life Regressions and Hypnosis turned out to be the most potent at that time as they opened her up to a whole new level of understanding and integrating the multidimensionality of everything that we are. That is how Yanna Healing was born.

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Work with Me

Me and my Soulmate is an 8-week intensive program for open-minded women, who are ready to work on their negative mental beliefs & patterns, emotional and spiritual blocks so they can align with the most compatible Soulmate, in order to manifest a loving relationship in their life.


Maria is wise beyond her years and magical. Her energy work is second to none and my in my sessions with her we removed a lot of dark energy and I regained some of my lost health instantly.
Alex Charleston, SC

Maria is wise, extremely intuitive, compassionate and open minded. I love working with her because I don't feel judged and because I always feel lighter at the end of a session.

Lulu Florida, USA

Working with Maria is always for me an experience filled with insights, empowerment, joy, easiness and spontaneity. Thank you for the space you hold through your presence and consciousness.

Mirela Arad, RO

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Charleston Starseeds

We gather monthly at Bliss Spiritual Co-op and our purpose is to create a community where Starseeds can talk openly, find support and share experiences among peers without fear of judgment.

Charleston Ambassadors

We gather monthly in high vibrational setting to strengthen the connection to our galactic families. We start with crystal bowls sound baths and chanting, then meditate, channel different galactic races, channel Light Language transmissions or do group healing.

Light Language Healing

Online gatherings for those interested in benefiting from the healing vibrations and restorative properties of Light Language. It is a fast and effective tool for balancing physical bodies, optimizing your DNA, harmonizing emotions and more…

Trandafirul Cosmic Podcast

A spiritual podcast for women who are beginning their spiritual journey and looking for stories of transformation they can relate to, or that can inspire them to trust their path to love & unity.
My first experience with Maria was 7 years ago when I did a past life regression with her. It was one of the key experiences that contributed in healing my complicated relationship with money at that time. Since then I had Theta Healing sessions with her and in the last past two years I am participating in her group meditations. Maria is a mentor, a teacher and she has a healing power and a connection with Source that i have rarely met in my life.
Ruxandra London, UK

Down to earth and spiritual at the same time, joyful and connected. Maria leads wonderful guided meditations, and is a very good Theta Healer. I had two private sessions with her, a regression and a profound meditation. Her guidance took me to unexplored parts of my being and stirred me up and brought me peace at the same time. I received answers and the understanding she exuded at the end was very comforting for me. Go Maria! She has a good vibe and a lot of positive energy.

Monica Buenos Aires, AR

Healing Services

Light / Love Language

This soul-based, conceptual form of communication from the divine, addresses directly to your heart, soul & body at the DNA level and it bypasses the logic centers of the brain that we're accustomed to using.

Akashic Records

Akasha is the divine library where all information about souls is stored in Akashic Records or Soul Books. The Akashic records has its own angels & guides and every soul has a book that contains data about all lifetimes and timelines.

Light Language Transmissions

“Past life regressions and theta healing were the first alternative therapies I tried, both with Maria.
Working with her taught me that healing doesn't have to be a long, traumatic, scary process.”

Bucharest, RO

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