About Maria Fink

Maria is a multidimensional healer that helps people unlock blockages on four levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is a Blue Ray Feline Sirian Starseed who uses her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others.

She studied various healing techniques, among which Theta Healing, Past Life Regressions and Hypnosis turned out to be the most potent at that time as they opened her up to a whole new level of understanding and integrating the multidimensionality of everything that we are. That is how Yanna Healing was born and became her signature healing tool. This method came through as a result of years of studying and trying different types of therapies to improve her well-being but also as a confirmation of her unwavering commitment to her path.

After a profound heart-opening experience, she spontaneously started speaking Light Language at the beginning of 2020 and now she is working with several groups of divine beings and galactic races, such as the Sirians, Hathors, Pleiadians, Mantis and Andromendans, supporting people to clear trauma, remove stuck energy, dark implants, vows, promises, imprints of rituals and so on.

Born in Romania, Maria lived most of her life in a communist and post-communist developing country and believes that has helped her be more compassionate and understanding of other's emotions and hardships. She is firmly convinced that everyone has the capacity to break the cycle of patterns and suffering, move beyond the illusion of limitation and the many stories we've come to identify ourselves with and leap into the flow of life.

Maria's favorite way to connect to her divine team of light is through meditation or channeling and that has brought infinite guidance and wisdom to herself and others.

Her deepest wish is to support people in their journey back to their true selves, to living life with ease, joy and trust, in the Divine that we are, that guides our every step.

Yanna Healing

Yanna Healing is a gentle yet powerful healing modality that addresses five levels of the human being: the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, and the Soul.


Maria studied Coaching, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression Therapy, Theta Healing and in her work with clients, she wanted to include more Soul aspects, besides the mental & emotional which were mainly emphasized.

She finds that working on all five levels is extremely powerful for the client, especially when we are being guided by our Soul.

She developed this unique method, using a multitude of tools learned through training, and intertwining them with Light Language transmissions and access to the Akashic records.

Channeling is connecting with light beings that reside in higher dimensions and receiving messages, in various forms, through clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience or clair-knowing. During a channeling session there is a direct interaction and communication between all beings present, in human bodies or light form. The messages are translated in words and concepts that are available and known to the channeler, but the energy download that is present during the session is the most important, because it has an impact on all levels of the human being.

Maria's main ‘claire’ is clairaudience, and she connects with her guides and the clients guides after a process of clearing, raising her frequency and setting a clear intention. After that, the most aligned guides, that match your vibrational frequency at that moment, will provide information and Maria uses her mind and body to translate the messages.

In 2017 Maria took the ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy class, which is an in-depth journey of discovery that allowed her to connect deeper with the magical world of the human body, understanding more intimately and intuitively the organs and systems. During this long and intense class Maria's focus was mainly working on her ‘ear chakras’, not knowing at that time that she was divinely guided in her intention and that this will help sharpen her clairaudience and improve her ability to channel various light beings.

After many life events such as the death of her parents, moving to another country and an extremely painful separation she had a profound heart-opening experience and she spontaneously started speaking Light Language through hand signing, tones and words.

At that time she was already in contact with various galactic races and she would receive messages from them through meditation or written or spoken channeling, but the light Language transmissions took her to a new level of understanding energy and communication.

Now she is working with several groups of divine beings and galactic races, such as the Venusians, Pleiadians, Mantis and Andromendans, supporting people to clear trauma, remove stuck energy, dark implants, vows, promises, imprints of rituals and so on. Her main galactic team is from Sirius and the Archangel she works the most with is Archangel Zadkiel, who helps her remove karmic density, karmic seeds or clear karmic contracts.

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