Me and my Soulmate

This 8-week intensive program is for open-minded women, who are ready to work on their negative mental beliefs & patterns, emotional and spiritual blocks so they can align with the most compatible Soulmate, in order to manifest a loving relationship in their life.

Connecting to a Soulmate that matches our vibration and who is equally ready and eager to walk along with us on this path of divine remembrance is what most of us crave at this moment. Some leave behind old relationship dynamics that don't support their growth anymore, some are ready to open their hearts, some have done the healing work but still wonder “Where is he?” or “Is someone out there for me?”, some are too stuck in how this connection should manifest and some are just afraid to ask.

Having walked down this road myself, I can tell you for sure you need to have clarity on what you want and I see many women I work with lack this aspect. Let me help you tend to the blockages that stop you from creating this divine connection into your reality. Focus on removing what is not yours and what is not you, let go of misconceptions and false beliefs so that you can easily and effortlessly call in your divine partner from a place of honesty and self-acceptance.

Me and My Soulmate is an accelerated and profound 8-week program that will help you activate your Soulmate connection, align with their frequency and manifest it into your reality. 
During these 8 weeks together, you will:

Release relationship blockages from ancestral patterns or from past experiences
Clear negative beliefs about the body
Clear negative beliefs about sex
Clear negative beliefs about men and women
Balance masculine and feminine energy
Clear ties with past relationships, cut energetic chords, clear marriage or chastity vows
Develop clarity on what you want
Connect with the most aligned soulmate

When & Where

We begin Thursday, January 12th, from 7PM EST, on Zoom.
Continuing for 8-weeks, every Thursday at 7:30PM EST.
We will be together for 2 hours, in a small group (less than 12 women).
Connect, share and stay in touch in our private Facebook community group.
Access your one-hour personal session, via Zoom, in the last week of the program.

I strongly believe that the fastest way to evolve in our soul’s journey is with a partner that is aligned with you in frequency. We all deserve to love & be loved.

$ 667 USD for a full payment till January 10th
$ 777 USD for payment starting January 11th
(this can also be paid in two equal payments, in the beginning and at the middle of the program)

Join this program if you are committed to changing your life and calling in your soulmate that has the potential to become your divine life partner.

Interested in aligning with your Soulmate?

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