Physical Connection with The Council of Guides


Channeled by Maria Fink

We would like to remind you today of the importance of connecting with your own physical bodies. Many people live disconnected from their own physicality. And that is not the best in fulfilling your soul's plan, your soul's mission here. You chose these bodies for a purpose. And you need to fully embody your energy here on Earth so you are able to fully do your soul's desire. For that, we would like to remind you, first of all, of the importance of breath, which we have spoken about before, but also about the importance of moving your body and also having your skin touched by yourself or other people.

Many people have stagnant energy in their bodies because they do not move enough. And that is creating, in time, pockets of chaotic energy structures and that leads to illness or illnesses. So, keep the energy flowing, first of all, through connecting to your breath, being aware of how you breathe, especially in the moment, and even more in the moments that you find most stressful.

And remember to move your bodies because they were not designed by our Creator to be stagnant, sedentary, they are designed to move and movement keeps them healthy, vibrant, because through movement life force flows through them.

In your society right now, there is a lot of emphasis around comfort and many people like everything to be comfortable, but sometimes that is not the best for you. Because it makes you not move many times. So, we would like to invite you when you find yourself feeling comfortable for too long to get out of this comfort space where you feel cozy and nice and just engage in some physical movement. We cannot stress enough the importance of physical movement, especially in a society that is highly technological and loves comfort. This is making you more and more stagnant, more sedentary.

This is our message for today. Please remember to reconnect with your body's breath and move it. We will talk later about the importance of touching your skin.

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