Channelling Transmission


Benefits include :
* Connecting to higher dimensional beings / your divine team of light
* Providing clarity and inspiration
* Receiving guidance
* Receiving divine healing codes
* Understanding things in your past and how they contributed to your soul’s expansion
* Providing insights and wisdom to support you when you have a decision to make
* Access to greater, non-linear knowledge/ information
* Receiving solutions and answers that might astonish or trigger you
* Learning to trust something bigger than out egos
* Understanding things from a multidimensional perspective

Guides will always encourage you to go deeper inside yourself and find the answers, but will rarely tell your what to do because all higher realm beings respect free will. Guides will always provide support, but you are responsible for your life, the decisions and actions you take.

If you are afraid to be responsible for your life and your choices, a channeling session is not for you.

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30 minutes, 1 hour


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