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Explore the many higher dimensional personal services, that can better your life and bring about healing and transcendence.


Energetic Services by Maria Fink 

• Light Language
• Akashic Records
• Etheric Surgery
• Channelling

These personalized services can support your multi-dimensional well-being and bring you back into balance & overall health.


Light Language transmission

Light Language or Love language is a soul-based, conceptual form of communication from the divine that addresses directly to your heart, soul and body at the DNA level and it bypasses the logic centers of the brain that we're accustomed to using.

Light Language is an energetic transmission and can be channeled through words, sounds, tones, colors, movements, gestures, shapes. It is accessed with an open heart and allowed to flow based on your intention and under the guidance of your Higher Self and guides. It is a form of channeling in which you are allowing the divine to speak through you and to you.


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“In life many conflicting situations can show up and we can experience repetitive patterns we don't understand. Working with Maria, you enter a higher plane, you get another perspective and the life's path becomes easier. You can grow spiritually. It is a joy for me to work with Maria.”

Dana Bucharest, RO

“Maria, through the therapy she is facilitating, reaching the profound layers of human beings. She helped me become aware of unconscious sabotaging patterns and then she helped me download new beneficial thoughts. I have been in a wonderful self discovery and healing trip with her by my side and i am very grateful for that.”

Gratiela Lisbon, PT

“Working with Light Language was life changing for me, it was the fastest and the most effective therapy I have ever tried. I love being in Maria's presence because she is fun, filled with joy, but also wise.”

Cherry Mount Pleasant, SC

Akashic Records Access

Akasha is the divine library where all information about souls is stored in Akashic Records or Soul Books. The Akashic records has its own angels and guides and every soul has a book that contains data about all lifetimes and timelines. Not everyone is able to access the information and at times not all information is available and the Guides and Angels are the ones who decide how much can be revealed, for the highest good of every soul.

What is experienced during an Akashic Records session?
During every session, the client receives a Light Language Transmission that has the purpose to activate and attune the personal energetic field with the vibration of Akasha and with the personal Soul Records. We connect and communicate with the Akashic guides & angels, then receive the Soul Book for inquiry.

“Maria entered in my life a year ago, when i was in a soul searching period, asking myself why I am on Earth. I did not find the answer to that question yet, but Maria's presence brought me peace and I think that only in peace answers can come. I recommend working with Maria for the kindness she exudes and because meditating with her always brings me peace.”


“Maria was and still is one of the most important guides in my journey. I have learnt many things with her and from her, I opened myself to new information and understanding and I felt supported, seen and never judged. I am grateful for her generosity, compassion, easiness and especially for joy. With Maria I've learnt not to take so seriously my own stories.”

Ana-Maria Bucharest, RO

Etheric Surgery healing

Etheric surgery is a tool of clearing and harmonizing the aura and the etheric field around the physical body. None of the procedures involve physical contact with the patient, the work is being done on the etheric field.

Whenever you are presented with a serious medical problem always consult your physician. After following their recommendations, etheric interventions are welcomed, since they will not interfere with your doctor's paradigm, but work in parallel to help quickly heal the physical body.


Guides will always encourage you to go deeper inside yourself and find the answers, but will rarely tell your what to do because all higher realm beings respect free will. Guides will always provide support, but you are responsible for your life, the decisions and actions you take.


Benefits include :
* Connecting to higher dimensional beings / your divine team of light
* Providing clarity and inspiration
* Receiving guidance
* Receiving divine healing codes
* Understanding things in your past and how they contributed to your soul's expansion
* Providing insights and wisdom to support you when you have a decision to make
* Access to greater, non-linear knowledge/ information
* Receiving solutions and answers that might astonish or trigger you
* Learning to trust something bigger than out egos
* Understanding things from a multidimensional perspective

If you are afraid to be responsible for your life and your choices, a channeling session is not for you.

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