The Importance of Breath with Mary Magdalene


Channeled by Maria Fink

We are very pleased we gathered here and today we would like to remind you of the importance of breath. Many days pass when you don't truly deeply connect to the powerful tool that is your breath. Many days pass when you don't use this potent energy to heal your body.

So today we would like to remind you that it would be useful for you to take a daily break in your activities and just pause and breathe with attention to your breath. If you would do this daily you would see the differences in your breath and your different needs of your body, you would see that some days the breath is more shallow, other days is more deep. And you would know, using the intelligence of your body how to send this breath to different organs, to different areas of your body, in order to heal yourself. By doing this, in time, you will know what kind of breath is vitalizing for you, what kind of breath is helping you release the stress, what kind of breath brings you to a state of joy or peace.

You now live in stressful times and people now don't pay attention to their breath and we would like you to be reminders for other people to just slow down, take it easy, take a breath. Remember, every day, slow down and pay attention to your breath. This is the easiest instrument God has given to humans and this is the most potent and powerful instrument for healing. So, we come here forward today with the intention of reminding you to use your breath, connect to your breath, pay attention to it.

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