The Importance of Listening with The Council of Guides


Channeled by Maria Fink

We would like to talk about the importance of listening, truly listening with an open heart what other people say, without the intention of responding while they're still speaking. Listen with an open heart, with compassion, with real interest for what is being said.

If you are engaged in a conversation and while the other person is speaking, you are just thinking at what you are about to respond than you are not listening to your companion, but you are listening to your own mind and you are placing your own thoughts above the thoughts the other person is speaking out to you and that is only half listening.

So, we would like to ask you to engage in truly listening to what the others are saying. Probably the best way you can engage in such conversations is to talk to children, because of the way they speak and how they use words and how they can come up with completely new ideas. So, there is a level of surprise many times when children speak. In order to have a real conversation with them, you have to listen carefully till they finish their message. We suggest you do that with adults too. Listen carefully, with an open mind, with an open heart, till they finish delivering their message and after that allow your thoughts to come so you can answer, if that is even necessary.

Sometimes no answer is required from you because sometimes people just want to speak, just want someone there to listen to them without giving them advice back or offering a solution to their problem. Sometimes they would like to speak so they can be heard because probably they were not listened to and heard in their childhood and most of their life. Thank you!

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