The Law of Karma with Mary Magdalene


Channeled by Maria Fink

Q: Why is it that while we get to be abundant, many others on the planet are choosing to not be so abundant?

MM: “Because the law of karma is in play, together with other universal laws. If this is what they choose to experience for now we are respecting it and the universe responds according to their soul's choice or previous choices they made in this current life.

There are many who are struggling financially but they do not suffer because of this. There are many who have lots of abundance, but they are still suffering. So, it is just a matter of perspective, a matter of how the soul chose to experience this particular incarnation. And although for a human a lifetime of suffering might seem like a never ending story for a soul it can be just a glimpse of a certain expression of divinity.

We understand your pain when you see other people suffering, but there is no need to suffer if you don't feel inclined to help. If you suffer and you think there is a purpose in your suffering and that is to inspire you to help other people, then yes, you can use this pain for a while to stimulate your actions.

But if you choose to suffer and not do anything else about your suffering or other people suffering, then it is completely pointless, purpose less. And it just creates more of the same energy. So, whenever you see poverty, illness around you be very clear on what your internal response is and choose very wisely, if you are able to, how you wish to respond to that. Thank you so much.”

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